The Plains is the area where the capital of Fabloria is located.

The Plains consists of the following areas:

  • Westplain, is where the capital Fabrond is located.
  • Sunplain, is where the mountain peak Sunpillar and the ancient stronghold Keep is located.
  • The northern Westwood, the part under the jurisdiction of The Plains.
  • The southern Spiritwood, the part under the jurisdiction of The Plains.

The Plains only river is the Sunriver and is the vein of The Plain, giving it easier trading access to the other parts of the continent.

History Edit

The Wolven King and the Siege of Fabrond Edit

Since the first recordings of Fabloria The Plains has always been ruled by the Wolven King. The wolves came from the North Territory with fangs and swords and overthrew the feudal lords of The Plains. They ruled the kingdom from the throne in Fabrond, a small city with no fortifications that later came to be the grand capital it is in present day, with an iron hand and the peaceful harefolk of The Plains lived in fear and suppression of the wolves.

The Siege of the Eastern March Edit

After they took The Plains the wolves took their conquest east, to the Eastern March, where they suffered great losses as they had a hard time penetrating the elusive swampfolk. To succeed in taking the Eastern March the wolves sought aid by the swampfolks long time enemies, the featherfolk of Beak Mountain. With little to no negotiation the featherfolk entered the alliance with the wolves and with the aid of the featherfolk scouts, the wolves soon chased out the swampfolk and took control over their wooden capital The Bog.

The Battles of The Meadow Edit

Moving the war west, the Wolven King met the hooffolk on the grassfields of The Meadow between their capital city The Glade and the harbor town Planktown. The battles raged for months and the Wolven King soon understood that this could be the end of their growing empire if they did not receive help. The wolves sent for their allies in Beak Mountains but got the answer that their alliance only included the conquest of the Eastern March and not The Meadow. The wolves stationed in The Bog was the next ones asked for reinforcements. However, there was a big uproar among the swampfolk that demanded the full precense of the wolven forces. The troops stationed in Fabrond were so few that if any of them left the city the possibility for the harefolk to retake the city was totogreat. And so the Wolven King turned to the last source of aid for his conquest. He sent for the predators still left in the North Territory, promising great rewards in terms of riches and titles for the ones heeding his call. The weeks passed but there was no answer from the predators of the north.

And so on a hazy morning, the hooffolk sounded their great warhorns, signalling their last, aggressive advance to crush the Wolven King once and for all. The battle was fierce and pushed the wolves to the banks of Blueberry river. With the defeat in clear sight another signal sounded through the haze and the Lynx Lady made here appearence on the hooffolks right flank. From the south came the sly foxes from the edge of Spiritwood with their infamous archers. The hooffolk was brutally defeated and they way to The Glade lay open for the wolves and the predators. When they reached the gates, their commanding officer opened them without resistance and begged for the peoples mercy.

With this the entire Fabloria was now conquered by the Wolven King, with the exception of the Spiritwood Shamans of Kel'Mara and the Westwood Shamans. But with a deep rooted faith in the spirits of the world, the Wolven King made no efforts in battling the spirits guardians, the Shamans.

The Shadowpact Rebellion Edit

The bad treatment of the native harefolk was a fact in Fabrond and The Plains but hushed down to the rest of Fablorias people. The wolves was disliked throughout the kingdom but never opposed. And since the feudal kingdoms more or less ruled over themselves, only with wolven emissaries to carry out the wolven overlaw, no one cared to rise against the Wolven King.

However, in Fabrond the harefolk was much greater in numbers and a secret resistance started to take form. At first, they burned the storages for critter meat, ruining the rations for the predators only. And with explosive attacks against the government buildings the wolves soon realized the gravity of the situation. The hardest strike against the wolves was at the Autumns Festival, when the current Wolf Prince held his speech to the people of Fabrond. From the top of the clock tower a hare archer hid to wait for the perfect shot. The opportunity presented itself and the assassin took the shot, with great success. The heart of the Wolf Prince was pierced and the was dead before he hit the ground.

This was the start of a witchhunt for the hidden rebellion, from that day labeled as the Shadowpact, that caused the lives of many, both harefolk and wolves. The Wolven King got so mad with grief after losing his son and heir that he established a secret police force, the Full Moon Inquisition, to hunt the rebels down.

This was the second war fought by the wolves and harefolk, but this was a war in the shadows. Fought by assassins, spies and secret agents of both sides inside Fabrond.

The city bled and so did the people. It was not until fifty years after the Wolven Conquest, when the younger brother of the late Wolf Prince was about to get crowned after the Wolven Kings natural death, that the conflict came to an end. The wolves were at their weakest, the harefolk still greater in numbers, and was just about to crown a new king. The Shadowpact struck at the coronation ceremony with full force and killed many commanding officers and royals in the progress. However, the new Wolven King managed to escape alive with a group of survivors. The wolves in Fabrond that wasn't killed was chased out of Fabrond with sword and fire. The harefolk chased them to the Spiritwood were they lost most of the survivors among the woods. The wolves found was slain without mercy and the search for survivors was called of when the harefolk penetrated too deep into the Shamans territory, were weapons and bloodspill was strictly forbidden.

With this the harefolk retook the city of Fabrond, which now was a great, well fortificated city with several grand structures and the greatest and strongest castle in Fabloria.

A new king of Fabloria was crowned, the first Hare King. The harefolk changed most of the wolven overlaw to a more democratic rule and ordered the capturing of all the wolven emissaries in the other cities.

Inhabitants Edit

The native inhabitants of The Plains is the harefolk. In the northern Westwood lives the Shamans and by the foot of Sunpillar lives a tribe of goats called the Pillar Protectors.

The wolves are not natives of The Plains but became a large people during the Wolven Conquest, along side other predators such as the lynxes and the foxes.