The North Territory is the nothernmost area of Fabloria and this is where the origintown of the wolves is located. The mountain range Howltops runs like a spine through the center of the elongated North Territory.

The North Territory consists of the following areas:

  • Westcoast, is where the coast line area starting at the northern tip of the Spiritwoods and ends at the northern peninsula. This is where the city of The Den is located.
  • Eastcoast, is where the coast line area starting at the Eastern March border and ends at the northern peninsula.
  • Kel'Mara, the capital of the shamanic faith. Home of the Spiritwood Shamans.
  • The northern Spiritwood, the part under the jurisdiction of The Northern Territory.

The North Territorys only river is Wisp's brook, a small river leading to the Mudpond in the Eastern March. The Wisp's Brooks south bank is the borderline to The Plains.

History Edit

The Beginning of the Wolven Conquest Edit

The Wolven Conquest started as a harefolk emissary came to the Wolven King with tributes for letting them pass their lands with goods for The Roost. The Wolven King demanded a great amount of toll when the emissary was heading back from The Roost. The harefolk, scared by the ferocious Wolven King complied and returned to The Den after his trading quest at The Roost. This is when the Wolven King saw the weakness of the harefolk. And since the food was getting scarce in the North Territory he turned his gaze to The Plains where every crop grew big and rich every year. The Wolven King slayed the emissary and sent the bones back to the small city of Fabrond, the harefolks center of commerce. The harefolk received the Wolven Kings gift and had no time to react to the oncoming forces following.

The Homecoming Edit

At the end of the Shadowpact Rebellion the wolves were finally chased back to their cold, mountainous home of the North Territory by the harefolk. They re-established the garrison and rule of The Den and the Howltops with the new Wolven King at their lead.

Inhabitants Edit

The native inhabitants of the North Territory is mostly predators such as lynxes and foxes. The greatest race, however, is the wolves, which has always been the rulers in the North Territory.

The Spiritwoods is the home of the Spiritwood Shamans, founded by the bears. However, the bears are far from the only race in the Shaman tribe.