Fabrond is the capital of Fabloria.

History Edit

The city of Fabrond began as center of commerce among the harefolk. The city was, from the beginning, nothing more than some wooden houses built around the big marketplace. The city was ever growing but didn't reach any notable potantial until the Wolven Conquest struck the city. When the wolves took the city they burned many of the lesser houses to the ground. But after that the wolves started to rebuild the city as their own head of seat. The great castle of Widefort was built with stone and high towers standing over the wide expanses of The Plains. With the castle came the walls surrounding the town and other great structures such as the clock tower and the great armory. In other words, the wolves made Fabrond the great city and stronghold it is today. But to achieve this greatness the wolves used the harefolk as laborers, pushing them hard to raise the buildings at a very high rate.

When the wolves were chased out the harefolk continued the wolves work in fine architecture but with a finer edge. They started growing hedges and making gardens and avenues all over. Now Fabrond was not only the greatest city in Fabloria but also the most beautiful.

Rulers Edit

Before the Wolven Conquest the city was ruled buy a council of traders and merchant of the harefolk.

After the Wolven Conquest, monarchy was forced onto the area with the throne of the Wolven King in Fabrond. And the wolves ruled harsh and absolute.

When the wolves were chased out of Fabrond the monarchy remained but with a harefolk royal at the thrones and a softer, more democratic edge to the rule.